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ODI World Cup 2023: Ben Stokes is on track to return to England's XI against South Africa on Saturday

Cricket World Cup 2023: England’s Ben Stokes to have knee surgery after tournament

Ben Stokes has been dealing with a knee problem for a while now, but he hasn’t shared the specific details of his injury. He wants everyone to know that the surgery he’s having will not put his cricket career in danger. He trusts the medical team to take care of his knee during the surgery, and he mentioned, “I’ll leave it to the surgeon to do their job, which is fixing knees.”

Ben Stokes to get Knee Surgery post-WC

Due to a persistent issue with his knee, Ben Stokes, the valuable batting and bowling asset of the English cricket team, will be undergoing surgery. This injury has rendered him unable to bowl during the World Cup taking place in India at the moment. Despite this setback, Stokes is optimistic that he’ll be fit to play in the five-part Test series against India starting on the 25th of January.

Stokes not bowling has made things hard for England in Tests and 50-over games. He hopes the surgery will help him be an all-rounder again so he can bat and bowl for the team. “There was a lot of time put into deciding when to get it done,” said Stokes. “Obviously, the India Test series, which we start at the end of January, I should be fine to go by then.”

England’s struggles in on going World Cup

Even though England has struggled, losing five out of six matches, Ben Stokes stressed the significance of representing the nation with dignity, even with their slim chances of making it to the World Cup semi-finals.

In the upcoming important match against Australia, Ben Stokes recognizes the strong historical rivalry between the two cricket teams. Australia’s captain, Pat Cummins, understands how significant this match is for their chances of reaching the semi-finals. He also acknowledges the historical importance of beating England in such a crucial game.

Australia is making two necessary changes to their team. Glenn Maxwell can’t play because he got a concussion from falling off a golf buggy. Mitchell Marsh had to go back to Australia for personal reasons. In their place, the team plans to bring in Marcus Stoinis and Cameron Green to take their positions.

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