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"Gangsters Killed Entire Family": Suresh Raina On Sudden IPL 2020 Season Withdrawal

“Gangsters Killed Entire Family”: Suresh Raina On Sudden IPL 2020 Season Withdrawal

Suresh Raina, the renowned cricketer from the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) team, recently opened up about the reasons behind his unexpected withdrawal from the 2020 IPL season held in the UAE. Initially, rumors swirled around his departure, including one suggesting he left due to not getting a hotel room with a balcony. However, Raina clarified the real cause, revealing a deeply personal and tragic event.

Raina explanied that his extended family was killed by criminal gang

He explained that he left the tournament to be with his family after a devastating incident in Punjab. Members of his extended family, including his uncle’s family, were brutally killed by a group of criminals known as the “kaccha gang.” The tragedy struck close to home, with his grandmother also being a victim. Understandably, Raina felt the need to prioritize his family over cricket during such a distressing time.

Raina further said that it was the year of pandemic although he returned to CSK in 2021

Raina said that the situation at home was tumultuous, compounded by the ongoing pandemic, which added to the difficulties. He shared his decision with MS Dhoni and the team management, emphasizing the importance of family above all else. Despite missing the 2020 season, Raina returned to CSK the following year and played a crucial role in their triumphant campaign, culminating in winning the IPL trophy.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Raina acknowledged the toll it took on his family, already grappling with the challenges posed by the pandemic. He felt a deep sense of responsibility to provide support and comfort to his loved ones during such trying times. His decision to prioritize family over cricket was a testament to his values and priorities.

Raina’s return to CSK and their subsequent victory in the IPL served as a fitting conclusion to a challenging period. However, it also marked the end of an era for Raina, as he announced his retirement from all formats of the game later that year. Despite the hardships he faced, Raina’s commitment to his family and his contributions to cricket will always be remembered.

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