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Matheesha Pathirana

IPL 2024: Chennai Super Kings handed injury scare after Pathirana sustains hamstring problem

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) had a problem when their fast bowler, Matheesha Pathirana, hurt his leg during a cricket match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Because of this injury, he couldn’t play in the third match of the series. The cricket board of Sri Lanka (SLC) confirmed that Pathirana won’t be able to play due to a Grade 1 hamstring injury in his left leg, which happened while he was bowling in the second match.

Pathirana pulled a hamstring and walked off the field with 2 balls left in his last over

This comes at a bad time for CSK because they are getting ready for the Indian Premier League (IPL), starting on March 22. CSK’s first match is against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Chennai. However, since Grade 1 hamstring injuries usually take four to seven weeks to heal, it’s unlikely that Pathirana will be able to play in the first game.

CSK is already facing problems with another player, Devon Conway, who hurt his thumb and won’t be playing in the beginning of the tournament. It’s not clear if Conway will be able to play in the whole season. Now, with Pathirana also injured, CSK’s captain MS Dhoni has more worries about the team and how well they will perform.

Injuries to the hamstring, which is a muscle in the leg, can make it hard for a player to move properly, and they can be tricky to deal with. It’s important for the player to take enough time to recover, or it could lead to more problems. CSK’s medical team will be working hard to make sure Pathirana gets better before thinking about letting him play again.

While CSK faces these challenges, they will be looking for other players to take the place of those who are injured and figuring out new strategies to stay competitive. The fact that key players like Pathirana and Conway are not available shows that sports can be unpredictable, and teams need to have a good group of players who can handle unexpected issues.

Even with these setbacks, CSK fans are hoping for a strong start to the IPL with MS Dhoni leading the team. The team’s management will need to make smart decisions about the players’ health and make sure the whole squad is ready for the tough games ahead in the tournament.

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