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MS Dhoni Plays Golf With Former US President Donald Trump

MS Dhoni Plays Golf With Former US President Donald Trump

After witnessing Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev play in the US Open men’s singles quarterfinal match, former India captain MS Dhoni was invited to play golf at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster by former US President Donald Trump.

Sanghvi shared a video of Dhoni and Trump playing golf together in one of his Instagram stories.

Sanghvi, a businessman from Dubai, was with MS Dhoni and has posted a number of pictures with the former India captain on his social media pages.

A day before, MS Dhoni, Sanghvi, and a friend of theirs were all spotted at the US Open.

‘No One Knows Dhoni?’: MS Dhoni Playing Golf With Donald Trump Leaves Cricket Fans in Funny Banter

A thrilling video of MS Dhoni and Donald Trump playing a golf match became viral online. However, this unanticipated encounter caused a meme frenzy on social media as users expressed their shock in a variety of ways.

For Dhoni’s devoted followers, seeing these two individuals, each with their own tales and successes, on a golf course was nothing short of a surprise. In actuality, it was a potent testament to Dhoni’s exceptional journey from a position of destitution to becoming the recognized face of Indian cricket. This voyage has touched people all across the world in addition to inspiring admirers in India.

One user humourously questioned, “Donald trump: president ki kursi ke peeche se bhi game badal sakte ho???” Another sarcastically remarked, “Apparently no one knows Dhoni outside India.,” addressing the misconception that Dhoni’s fame is confined to his home country. Someone else commented, “In today’s episode of ‘mahi inspires’,” alongside the now-viral picture.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni had a successful surgery on his left knee earlier this year in a Mumbai hospital, giving him hope that he will take part in the 17th Indian Premier League season the following year.

After the championship game, Dhoni took a flight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, where he met with renowned sports orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala. Pardiwala is a member of the BCCI medical panel and has operated on many of the country’s top cricketers, including Rishabh Pant.

Dhoni had played the entire season with heavy strapping on his left knee and while he looked absolutely fine during wicket-keeping, he came into bat as low as No. 8 at times and didn’t look in his element while running between the wickets.

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