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What is the story behind MS Dhoni iconic jersey number 7?

What is the story behind MS Dhoni iconic jersey number 7?

Jersey number 7, worn by CSK captain MS Dhoni holds an iconic status in the world of sports, particularly in the realm of Indian cricket. This number gained immense popularity when the legendary wicketkeeper-batter, hailing from Ranchi, donned it as he made his mark on the international cricket scene.

The No. 7 jersey, synonymous with Dhoni’s skill and swagger, became a fan favorite and remains one of the highest-selling shirts in cricket. Even during IPL matchdays at Chepauk, the Chennai Super Kings’ No. 7 jersey is the dominant choice among enthusiasts.

MS Dhoni reveals why he chose No. 7 jersey number: ‘That’s the day my parents decided…’

The story behind Dhoni’s selection of No. 7 is a charming blend of simplicity and mathematical intrigue. At a recent promotional event, the World Cup-winning captain revealed that he chose No. 7. Dhoni said that it aligns with the day he was born, July 7, and the year 1981, where 8-1 equaled 7.

“That is the time or day my parents decided I would come on earth. So, I was born on the 7th Of July. So July again the seventh month. 81 was the year so 8-1=7. So it was very easy for me to go out there when they asked me, ‘okay, what number do you want’,” Dhoni said as quoted.

This unique connection made the choice quite obvious for Dhoni, adding a personal touch to his jersey number.

The significance of the No. 7 jersey goes beyond personal numerology. In 2023, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) paid a fitting tribute to Dhoni’s immense contribution to Indian cricket by retiring the No. 7 jersey. This decision echoed the earlier retirement of Sachin Tendulkar’s iconic No. 10 jersey.

Consequently, no player in men’s cricket can don the No. 7 jersey anymore, symbolizing the indelible mark left by Dhoni on Indian cricket. Starting his illustrious career with this number, Dhoni chose to conclude it with the same. As he donned the No. 7 jersey until his retirement from international cricket on August 15, 2020. However, the cricketing maestro continued his association with the sport, participating in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for the Chennai Super Kings.

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Will Dhoni play in IPL 2024?

Despite undergoing knee surgery last year, Dhoni has resumed training for IPL 2024, batting in the nets in his hometown of Ranchi. Dispelling rumors of retirement from the IPL, Dhoni affirmed that his return in 2024 would be a gift to his fans. His leadership guided CSK to victory in the 2023 IPL. Securing their fifth title, CSK cemented their status as one of the most successful teams in the tournament.

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