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'What MS Dhoni Does...', Ben Stokes On Learnings From CSK Captain During IPL 2023 Campaign

‘What MS Dhoni Does…’, Ben Stokes On Learnings From CSK Captain During IPL 2023 Campaign

England Test captain Ben Stokes shared insights into his experience with the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the IPL 2023, expressing gratitude despite facing challenges. Stokes, who received the TFC Award (Thanks For Coming), acknowledged that injuries disrupted his plans but highlighted the incredible experience of being part of the esteemed CSK franchise. Having previously collaborated with Stephen Fleming and MS Dhoni during his stint in Pune, Stokes marveled at the dynamic between the coach and captain, emphasizing their trust and quick decision-making for the team’s benefit.

Reflecting on the trust exhibited by MS Dhoni and Stephen Fleming in their roles, Stokes noted the unique perspective each brings to the game. Dhoni, actively involved on the field, provides an emotional connection, while Fleming, observing from the sidelines, offers a more detached viewpoint. Stokes, along with Baz (presumably referring to Brendon McCullum), aims to emulate this approach, basing decisions on what is best for the team.

Stokes shed light on the decision to field three spinners in the 1st Test against India at Hyderabad, a strategy not commonly employed by England. Defying expectations, left-arm spinner Tom Hartley excelled with a seven-wicket haul in an innings. Stokes defended the choice, emphasizing the importance of not overemphasizing the significance of experience. While acknowledging the comfort that experience provides, Stokes prioritized selecting spinners based on their potential to challenge and succeed against India.

Watch Ben Stokes talk about MS Dhoni and his experience with Chennai Super Kings in IPL

According to Stokes, the focus should be on understanding the talents of the selected spinners and providing them with the platform to express themselves without undue concern about the outcome. He stressed the simplicity of cricket, where bowlers aim to take wickets, and batsmen focus on scoring runs. By removing fear and anxiety surrounding the outcome, Stokes aims to allow players to concentrate on their roles, simplifying the game and enabling individuals to play to their strengths.

In essence, Ben Stokes’ reflections on his time with CSK and his strategic decisions in the Test series against India reveal a commitment to team-centric decision-making, drawing inspiration from the successful partnership of Dhoni and Fleming. Stokes values a straightforward approach to the game, emphasizing the importance of providing players with the freedom to express their talents without unnecessary pressure, thereby fostering a positive and effective team environment. Despite setbacks, Stokes remains appreciative of the learnings gained from his IPL experience and is focused on contributing to England’s success on the international stage.

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