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Shaik Rasheed CSK

‘After going to the CSK camp, I understood that I have to prepare differently for each format’ – Shaik Rasheed

Shaik Rasheed, born on September 24, 2004, in Guntur, India, is making waves in the cricket world. His journey began when he debuted in first-class cricket for Andhra Pradesh in February 2022, followed by his entry into T20s in October 2022. The young cricketer served as the vice-captain in India’s U-19 Cricket World Cup squad in 2022, contributing significantly to the team’s success in the semi-final and final.

Shaik Rasheed credits Ms Dhoni for guiding him

Rasheed’s recent participation in the ongoing Ranji Trophy for Andhra has garnered attention. He credits MS Dhoni and the CSK camp for guiding him on how to tailor his preparation for different cricket formats. According to Rasheed, Dhoni advised him to understand his game first and then practice accordingly. He acknowledged that his previous approach was flawed, as he used to practice uniformly for all formats. The CSK camp enlightened him, emphasizing the importance of distinct preparations for each format.

Sharing Dhoni’s valuable advice, Rasheed revealed, “If I’m playing Ranji Trophy, then I only think about Ranji Trophy. That’s what Mahi-bhai told me, ‘Whatever you’re playing now, just think about it. Don’t think about the past or future.’ This guidance has evidently impacted Rasheed’s mindset and approach to the game.

In a recent Ranji Trophy clash against Bengal, Rasheed showcased his skills by scoring 32 runs off 80 balls for Andhra in the first innings in Vishakapatnam. When describing his playing style, he highlighted his preference for keeping the ball along the ground, considering it his strength. Rasheed expressed gratitude for the motivation received from senior players like Hanuma Vihari and KS Bharat, emphasizing that he is keen on learning from their experiences.

As he continues to make his mark in domestic cricket, Shaik Rasheed’s dedication and the wisdom gained from cricket stalwarts like MS Dhoni are shaping his journey towards success. With a focus on disciplined preparation and learning from seasoned players, Rasheed is poised to make significant contributions to Indian cricket in the future.

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