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Video of MS Dhoni smoking hookah on New Year Party goes viral

Video of MS Dhoni smoking hookah on New Year Party goes viral

The iconic ‘Captain Cool,’ MS Dhoni, continues to savor his post-cricket life, and a recent video showcases him enjoying a hookah at a party. Dhoni, still at the helm of the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) post his retirement from international cricket, was captured in a suit, leisurely smoking a hookah pipe. While the exact occasion is unknown, speculation suggests it could be one of the New Year celebrations that the former Indian cricket team skipper attended.

This video of Dhoni indulging in hookah has gone viral, bringing to light an earlier revelation by his ex-CSK teammate George Bailey. Bailey, the former Australian star, had shared insights into Dhoni’s penchant for enjoying sheesha and hookah on occasions. According to Bailey, Dhoni would often set up the apparatus in his room, maintaining an open-door policy that welcomed younger players. This approach, breaking down hierarchical barriers, allowed players to engage in late-night conversations about the game and various facets of cricket.

Despite Dhoni’s retirement from international cricket, his popularity remains undiminished globally. Known for transcending boundaries, Dhoni’s off-the-field activities continue to attract attention. Whether in India or abroad, fans consistently turn up in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the beloved wicket-keeper batter.

Looking ahead, Dhoni is set to lead the Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL 2024 season, an anticipated campaign that might mark his final stint in the T20 league. Even as his on-field appearances are limited to the IPL, Dhoni’s influence and charisma persist, ensuring he stays in the headlines with his engaging off-the-field pursuits.

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