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List: Teams Owned by Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings Sponsors| Take a Look at CSK’s Top Sponsors and Official Partner (Updated )

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have garnered substantial sponsorship interest over the years, helping them consolidate their position as one of the most popular franchises in the IPL tournament year after year. Besides being an IPL champion for a record 5 times, the Dhoni-led CSK has always been in the news for retaining sponsors’ continued interest for years.

One of the key reasons behind CSK’s ability to attract a plethora of sponsors lies in the opportunity to promote their brands on a grand scale by associating with the team. Not to forget, CSK’s dominating presence, overwhelming love from fans, and extraordinary performances over the years have remained vital factors contributing to sponsors’ significant investment in the team.

Until now, various brands have aligned themselves with CSK to sponsor the team, recognizing the potential to enhance their brand value. This association ensures that their logos and brands receive visibility among millions of viewers across India and internationally.

In this article we will take a look at key sponsors, and official partners of Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings Principal Partners/Sponsors

i. TVS Eurogrip: This Madurai-based tire manufacturing giant serves as the Principal Partner of CSK. Since 2021, TVS Eurogrip, a major player in the 2-wheeler and 3-wheeler tire manufacturing industry, has entered into a three-season contract for IPL 2022, 2023, and 2024. The deal, valued at Rs. 100 crore, includes TVS Srichakra Limited becoming the Principal Partner, with the TVS Eurogrip logo prominently displayed on the front of the players’ shirts, replacing Myntra’s logo from IPL 2021.

ii. Etihad Airways: In 2024, ahead of the 17th season of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings announced their collaboration with the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways. The UAE based airline already has a deep history of sports partnership. One of the most popular team sponsored by them is Manchester City, the defending champions of England’s premier football competition: Premier League.

iii. India Cements: As the owner of the CSK franchise and a Principal Partner, this Chennai-based company has held the right to feature its corporate logo on the back of the team’s shirts since 2008. India Cements recently introduced two CSK-themed products – Conkrete Super King and Halo Super King in March 2022.

iv. Gulf: In 2011, Gulf, the Indian unit of the Pittsburgh-based oil company, secured the rights to showcase its corporate logo on the front of the CSK shirt. The agreement stipulates that Gulf’s logo be positioned on the top left corner of the team’s match-day shirt.

v. SNJ Distilleries: As a Principal Partner/Sponsor, SNJ Distilleries can display its logo until IPL 2024. Established in March 2022, the deal includes SNJ 10000 Logo featured on the strong arm of the CSK jersey, on both sides of the match-day trouser, and on the sleeves of the match-day shirt. Additionally, the British Empire logo can be seen at the back of the cap and helmet worn by the players.

vi. Reliance Jio: Mumbai-based telecom company Reliance Jio is a Principal Partner/Sponsor with all eight IPL teams. The partnership, which commenced in 2018, entails Jio’s logo appearing on the left side of the team’s match-day cap and helmet.

vii. Nippon Paint: As an Associate Sponsor since 2018, this Osaka-based paint producing company’s Indian unit sees its logo featured on the sleeves of the CSK match-day shirt.

viii. British Empire: The British Empire logo is prominently displayed at the back of the cap and helmet worn by CSK players.

ix. Astral Pipes: Announced as a Principal Partner in March 2021, this Ahmedabad-based company, specializing in pipes for drainage and plumbing systems, features its logo on CSK merchandise.

Official Partners of CSK

i. Garuda Aerospace: This drone startup became the official drone partner of CSK for the 2023 IPL season, marking the first-ever drone partnership for an IPL team. The deal includes M.S. Dhoni serving as the brand ambassador.

ii. Vision11: Vision11, with Fantasy Sports Vision11 Pvt Ltd as its flagship, became the official associate sponsor for the season. The partnership involves the Vision11 logo being positioned on the caps and helmets of CSK players.

iii. ICICI Bank: In March 2022, ICICI Bank announced a co-branded credit card partnership with CSK, offering exclusive privileges for the Super King fan base.

iv. Fantasy Sports Vision11 Pvt Ltd: Roped in as an official partner ahead of IPL 2023.

v. Sunfeast Supermilk: As the Official Strong Biscuit Partner for the 2023 IPL season, Sunfeast Supermilk launched the “Strongaa Whistle Podu” campaign to celebrate CSK fandom across India.

vi. Equitas Small Finance Bank: Engaged as the official retail banking partner for the team since 2020.

vii. Dream11: Acting as the designated fantasy sports partner for six out of eight IPL teams, excluding the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

CSK Merchandise Partners

i. FanCraze: Partnered with this blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for creating ownable assets and play-to-earn experiences.

ii. FanPlay IoT: Official fan engagement partner since IPL 2020 and listed as a CSK Merchandise Partner ahead of IPL 2022.

iii. PlayR: Roped in as the official merchandise partner, producing a range of sports apparel, equipment, bicycles, and accessories.

iv. Hello FM: This private FM network returned as the official radio partner for CSK in IPL 2023 after previous partnerships in the 2011 and 2012 seasons.


Over the years, CSK has emerged as one of the most beloved franchises in the IPL. With a massive fan following and a global audience, CSK has become a significant platform for brand promotion. The array of diverse and esteemed sponsors underscores the team’s appeal and market presence in the world of cricket.

written by: AHC

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