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Cognizant named Major League Cricket’s first title sponsor

Cognizant named Major League Cricket’s first title sponsor

Cognizant, a company based in New Jersey, is now the main sponsor for Major League Cricket (MLC), the top professional cricket championship in America. This partnership marks a big step for cricket in the United States, with the league’s second season set to start on July 4th. It promises weeks of thrilling T20 cricket matches featuring the best players from around the world.

Vijay Srinivasan, one of the founders expressed excitement

Vijay Srinivasan, one of the founders of Major League Cricket, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Cognizant. He believes this partnership will help MLC and cricket in America to grow even more. Ravi Kumar S, the CEO of Cognizant, shared his enthusiasm for supporting MLC’s vision of inspiring young cricket players. He sees this as an opportunity to connect with clients and communities while promoting inclusivity in sports and technology.

For Cognizant, sponsoring MLC adds to their already diverse sports sponsorship portfolio. They’re involved in various sports, from golf and racing to football, showcasing the shared spirit of sports and technology. The company aims to use these sponsorships to promote diversity and inclusion in both sports and tech fields.

In MLC’s upcoming season, all six teams from the inaugural season will return. Some top players like Rashid Khan from Afghanistan, Faf du Plessis from South Africa, and Sunil Narine from the West Indies are set to compete again. These players bring star power and excitement to the league, drawing attention from fans around the country.

The debut season of MLC in 2023 was a game-changer for cricket in America. It brought top-notch T20 cricket to the US for the first time, with many matches selling out stadiums in Texas and North Carolina. The success of the inaugural season laid a strong foundation for the future growth of cricket in the country.

So, Cognizant’s sponsorship of Major League Cricket marks a significant moment for the sport in America. With the support of a major company like Cognizant, MLC aims to continue its mission of growing cricket and inspiring young players across the nation.

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