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Players who represented both MI and CSK in IPL

List: Players who represented both MI and CSK in IPL

IPL is more than a cricket competition; it is a show that brings fans from all corners of the world together. At the core of this spectacular extravaganza are two heavy-weight franchises – Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI), each of whom has a stupendous tally of five IPL titles under their belts. The rivalry of CSK vs. MI is more than simply competition, it is an IPL El Clásico, matchup of giants which sparks passion and excitement among the fans.

Cricketers who played for both CSK and MI in IPL

In this fierce rivalry, a few players have worn the jerseys of both CSK and MI and are now part of the league’s history. Let us take a stroll through the career graphs of these giants who have moved effortlessly from the MI blues to the CSK yellows, adding equally to the lore and legend of the two franchises.

Dwayne Bravo:

Dwayne Bravo is the first player to have played for both Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings. His IPL career began with Mumbai Indians and he matched his all-rounder skills of a power hitter and a wicket-taker. In the initial 30 matches for MI spanning three seasons, Bravo found opportunities to add 457 runs to his total and took 26 wickets, proving himself as the valuable all-rounder on the team. Nevertheless, it’s with CSK that he ultimately established his niche.

Since coming to CSK, Bravo played in 116 matches while the team had the wickets firmly in hand, thus his adaptability and consistency in various situations of the game could be witnessed. First of all, he who was an on-the-field match winner, then became a CSK bowling coach which means that his skill was highly valued by the franchise.

Having amassed 1004 runs, as well 140 wickets to his name for CSK, the man’s contributions to the team’s victories were of immense value to the team, and this was evident in their triumph over all other teams and the winning of these two coveted Purple Caps of highest wicket-taker. His transformation from MI to CSK personifies his change from a cricketer to an icon and the eternity of his massive brand on the IPL platform.

Harbhajan Singh:

One of the the first major players to make a switch from Mumbai Indians to Chennai Super Kings was Harbhajan Singh. It was at Mumbai Indians, where he had earned the reputation of a primary spin bowler getting 134 wickets in 136 games, when Harbhajan Singh started his legendary IPL journey.

His three IPL titles with MI proved his belief and success in being a match-winner. In 2018, for the first time since the beginning of his career, Harbhajan joined the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), where he demonstrated his talent with the ball and proved to many people that he was capable of it.

It is to be noted that Harbhajan played fewer games for CSK and still contributed a marvellous impact by taking 23 wickets to his credit in 24 matches. His wit and unequalled experience provided that bowling attack with so much depth, moving the whole team forward in the IPL tournament. Cricket rarely witnessed such a journey that Harbhajan which reflects his amazing ability to perform all over the world under heavy pressure while for his teams, both MI and CSK equally.

Ambati Rayudu:

Along with Harbhajan Singh, Ambati Rayudu was also one of the first Indian to have made the major switch from Mumbai to Chennai. His association with Mumbai Indians (MI) was highlighted by his contributions, which included 2416 runs from 114 matches, during which he played pivotal roles in MI’s title-winning seasons. His scintillating performances with the bat and stability for building innings made him a star player and earned him three IPL titles with MI during 2010-17.

But when Rayudu went ahead to play for CSK in the year 2018 under the mega IPL auction, his career began to take another significant turn. Under the banner of CSK, Rayudu was in full fizz and struck 1932 runs in 90 matches. It was through him that CSK won every time, and he was like a big-match player scoring under immense pressure. Rayadur’s swift and effortless transformation from MI to CSK evinces his expertise as a batter and his capability to flourish in totally different team constellations.

Dwayne Smith:

Dwayne Smith started his IPL career with the Mumbai Indians and his batsmanship, which had such a big impact on the fans, made him very popular. Opposite to the 2011 season that he missed, Smith proved to be capable of fast scoring, fetching 857 runs in 35 matches for MI. In 2014, CSK presented their yellow jersey to him, where he continued to destroy the game with his bat. Smith chalked up 965 runs in 32 matches, mainly as the front-lining batsman throughout two seasons at CSK, highlighting his adaptability. The aggressive top-order batting he engages in has helped bring CSK smashing starts at the beginning of the game and this has often led them to victory in the IPL. 

Michael Hussey:

Mike Hussey, alias ‘Mr ‘Cricket’ can say cricket, leaves a great impact on CSK only while he was there. He became the team’s most reliable opener by amassing 1691 runs in 46 games for CSK from 2008 to 2013. Interestingly, the leading job of the T20 league was Orange Cap for scoring the most runs in IPL 2013.

In 2014, Hussey represented Mumbai Indians (MI) battles for just a brief period, where he had the chance to score 209 runs in nine matches. Though his very short term with MI, Hussey’s class and expertise were crystal clear and and heightened the entire batting lineup’s level of stability. The fact that he was back at CSK since 2015 only proved what the team has treasured in him. He had 77 runs in four matches which is quite a lot right in four matches before retiring from the IPL. The Majesty’s tremendous rise from MI to CSK showers his contribution as a solid top-order batsman and his effect under pressure, which makes him a fantastic piece in IPL history.

Karn Sharma:

The IPL odyssey of Karn Sharma featured him relishing success in either team of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or Mumbai Indians (MI). In 2017, Karn was MI’s match-winner versus SRH, claiming 13 wickets in nine matches. His genius in picking up key wickets showed his uniqueness as the bowling strength of MI. In 2018, Karn became a part of CSK after which he made his appearance in the bowling world with the leg spin. However, small as his opportunities were, he took 10 wickets in 12 playing for CSK, and this was instrumental to the team’s victorious streak. The transformation of his legacy from MI to CSK shows that he can do anything, be able to shine in various team environments, and thus acknowledge that he is a reliable spinner in the IPL as a whole.

Parthiv Patel:

The journey of the IPL of Parthiv Patel had him put on also those shirts of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) jerseys. Between 2008 and 2010, Parthiv scored 516 runs in 26 matches and was a part of the winner’s title campaign in 2010. CSK discovered the overall set of the talented wicketkeeper and had an excellent welcome for him.

In 2015, Parthiv shifted to MI, where he revealed his skills in 40 matches in over three seasons to accumulate 911 runs. With MI his debut in IPL resulted in the team winning two titles in 2015 and 2017, thus cementing his position as an invaluable wicketkeeper-batsman in this coveted tournament. The journey of Parthiv from CSK to MI and back on again provides proof of the fact that he is not a bankable player he is a player who is capable of making a significant contribution to all franchises in the IPL.

Over the years we have witnessed the portrayal of these key players who were members of the CSK and MI and who symbolize the spirit of the IPL. With their significant contributions, they are a part of both the deep-rooted rivalry between the two teams, and for the additional bling the league is getting. Special mentions to Tim Southee, Thisara Perera, Piyush Chawla, and Ashish Nehra for their performances for both CSK and MI.

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