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MA Chidambaram Stadium

CSK Home Ground: Know Their Home Record at Chepauk In IPL

The M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, also known as Chepauk, is a cricket stadium in Chennai, India. It is the second oldest cricket stadium in the country after Eden Gardens in Kolkata and has been the home ground of the Tamil Nadu cricket team since its establishment in 1916. The stadium is also the CSK Home Ground in Indian Premier League.

Chepauk is one of the most iconic cricket stadiums in India, and has witnessed some of the most memorable moments in Indian cricket history. It is also known for its passionate crowd, which creates a lively and electric atmosphere on match days.

MA Chidambaram Stadium details:

Chennai Stadium nameMA Chidambaram Stadium
MA Chidambaram Stadium OwnerTamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA)
MA Chidambaram Stadium Capacity50,000 spectators
Where is Chepauk StadiumChennai, Tamil Nadu, India
When was Chepauk Built1916
Where is Chepauk Stadium LocatedChepauk, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

The ground has been an important and integral part of the cricketing history of the nation. Hence, it becomes important to know and discover every aspect of this ground. Hence, in this article, we will dwell on the history of MA Chidambaram Stadium and answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this ground.

CSK Home Ground

Chennai Super Kings Home Ground: Know Home Record

The Chepauk ground was always one of the most decorated cricketing venues in not only India but all around the world. However, the emergence of franchise cricket made it an even more popular venue among cricketing fans.

This was made possible by the IPL franchise, Chennai Super Kings. Ever since the inception of IPL, CSK Home Ground has been Chepauk. Now Chennai has been a phenomenal team and one of the most consistent teams in the Indian Premier League over the last decade or so.

They began their journey in the tournament in 2008 and since have won 5 IPL titles. Making it the joint-most title winner in the history of the tournament, and Chepauk has been their fortress that helps them produce results year in and year out. The impact has been so significant that the ground has become synonymous with the team itself. Some fans even refer to it as CSK stadium now.

Records over the years suggest that CSK Home Ground is almost inpenetrable. They have truly utilised the conditions to their advantage and produced wins on 44 occasions out of the 62 games that they have played at the venue. With only 18 losses, they have one of the best home records by a team in the Indian Premier League. And they will be looking to continue this domination in the coming years as well.

CSK Ground

CSK Record at Chepauk


The team is one of the most successful franchises in the Indian Premier League (IPL), and has consistently demonstrated its prowess at M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Over the years, CSK Home Ground has turned into a fortress. They hardly lose a game there throughout the season, and this keeps the fans entertained.

From 2008 to 2023, CSK stadium hosted a total of 62 matches at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, securing 44 victories while suffering 18 defeats. This impressive win-loss ratio highlights the team’s exceptional home-ground advantage. The stadium’s familiarity, passionate crowd support, and the passionate atmosphere created by the fans have undoubtedly contributed to this success.

One of the most iconic and compelling year in the history of CSK stadium has to be 2011. In this season, they played 8 games at home and emerged victorious in all of them. This unbeaten streak shows the dominance of Chennai Super Kings at their home ground. They also went on to win their second title in the same year.

They almost recreated a perfect season at the Chepauk in 2019 as well. In that season they managed to win 5 out of their 6 home games. With this performance they were able to reach the final yet again. Only this time they met with defeat and couldn’t clinch what would have been their fourth title.

Chepauk however was not always the fortress as we know it today. In the year 2010, which was the first title winning year for Chennai, they lost 3 out of their 7 games at home. In 2023 as well they faced a similar fate and lost 3 games at home. Still, they managed to win the season,

While CSK’s home record is impressive, it’s essential to acknowledge the few instances where they faced setbacks. In 2010, they lost 3 out of 7 matches, reflecting a rare vulnerability at home. Similarly, in 2023, the team faced 3 defeats out of 8 matches, indicating a slight dip in their home-ground dominance.

Nevertheless, CSK’s overall home ground record remains a testament to their consistency and resilience. Their fans, known as the “Yellow Brigade,” passionately support them, creating an electrifying atmosphere at the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium.

In conclusion, Chennai Super Kings’ home ground, the M.A. Chidambaram Stadium, has been a fortress of success throughout the history of the IPL. The team’s remarkable win-loss ratio and unforgettable moments at this venue have solidified their status as one of the league’s powerhouses. As CSK continues to dazzle cricket fans worldwide, their performances at home remain a testament to their enduring dominance in the IPL.


What is the CSK Home Ground Name?

MA Chidambaram stadium, commonly known as Chepauk is the home ground of Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.

What is CSK’s winning percentage at Chepauk?

The Super Kings have a 70.91% win record at Chepauk, which is why it is often referred to as “Fortress Chepauk” and “Lions’ den”.

What is Chennai Super Kings’ record at MA Chindrambram ground?

CSK has played a total of 62 games at Chepauk, out of which they have managed to win a whooping total of 44 games and only suffered defeat in 18 games.

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