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IPL 2024 to kick off in Chennai on March 22

The 17th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is all set to begin in Chennai on March 22, according to officials associated with the IPL. The chairman, Arun Singh Dhumal, shared that the league will kick off in Chennai, and there’s even an inaugural ceremony planned before the first match. Chennai gets this honor as they are the defending champions.

However, the opening match opponent for Chennai Super Kings is not confirmed yet. Kasi Viswanathan, the CEO of the Super Kings franchise, mentioned they have no information about the opponents as of now.

Dhumal revealed that the IPL will release a partial schedule in the next couple of days, covering the first 10-12 days of the tournament. The full schedule will be finalized after the Election Commission of India announces the General Election dates. He expressed confidence that the league won’t need to be moved out of the country to avoid clashes with the elections. The IPL chairman hinted at the possibility of involving more centers than the usual 10.

The full IPL schedule will be disclosed after announcement of polling dates

The Election Commission is expected to announce the nationwide polling dates between the second and third week of March. Based on this information, the full IPL schedule will be finalized. The IPL is scheduled to conclude on May 26.

So, cricket fans can look forward to the IPL action starting in Chennai on March 22, with an exciting inaugural ceremony. While the first match opponent for Chennai Super Kings is still uncertain, the league officials are gearing up to release the schedule for the initial days soon. There’s optimism that the tournament won’t face any disruptions due to the General Elections, and more cities might become part of the IPL excitement this season. Mark your calendars, as the IPL promises thrilling cricket moments until its conclusion on May 26.

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