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Rishabh Pant celebrates Diwali with MS Dhoni, pic goes viral

Rishabh Pant celebrates Diwali with MS Dhoni, pic goes viral

Sakshi Singh who is the wife of the former Indian cricket captain and accomplished wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni, along with India’s wicket keeping sensation Rishabh Pant, recently shared a heartwarming Diwali celebration photo on Instagram. The picture captures a happy moment, featuring Dhoni and Pant wearing traditional kurtas and radiating warmth and joy.

During the latest IPL season in 2023, MS Dhoni performed admirably by guiding the Chennai Super Kings to their fifth tournament victory.Speculation arose among fans regarding whether this might be Dhoni’s final season in the IPL, generating anticipation. Following the match, Dhoni unexpectedly expressed his desire to play again, contingent on his physical condition. This announcement pleased fans who are eager to witness Dhoni’s return to the field.

Rishabh Pant celebrates Diwali with Dhoni and Sakshi

Following his retirement from international cricket, MS Dhoni has maintained a reserved public presence, sparking anticipation among many fans who are hopeful about his potential return to the IPL.

During a recent event, MS Dhoni was asked about his perspectives on success and significant aspects of his life. He expressed that his primary objective is not limited to being recognized solely as a skilled cricket player but to leave a legacy as a commendable individual. Dhoni emphasized the continuous nature of personal growth, stating that the journey towards being a good person is a lifelong process.

“You know, right from the start, I was not into that people should remember me as a good cricketer. I always said, you know, I want to be remembered as a good human being. You know, and if you want to be a good human being, it’s a process till you die,” MS Dhoni said.

The people in the comment section showered love and blessings to the couple and wished happy diwali to them with all positivity and joy.

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