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MS Dhoni Signs Fan's BMW, Internet Calls It "World's Most Valuable Car"

Watch: MS Dhoni Signs Fan’s BMW, Internet Calls It “World’s Most Valuable Car”

Popular cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni recently made a fan in Ranchi very happy by signing the backseat of the person’s BMW car. The video which was posted on Instagram by user Sumeet Kumar Bajaj, shows MS Dhoni taking his time to choose the right spot and he even asked to choose the pen to sign inside the car owned by Abhishek Kerketta. People on the Internet calls MS Dhoni down-to-Earth.

Watch: MS Dhoni Sign’s fan’s car

In the video, Dhoni sits in the backseat of the BMW and talks to the fan about where to sign in the car. The fan offers different pens, and Dhoni asks if there’s a thick black one. After choosing the pen, Dhoni takes his time to figure out how to sign the autograph in the limited space available. Dhoni further stated that the sign will go diagonally on the chosen space.

At the end of the video after Dhoni finishes signing, he gives a congratulations to the happy fan, and jokingly says it’s time to leave before any delays. The Instagram post by Mr. Bajaj, called “MS Dhoni Sir Delights Abhishek Brother By Giving Autograph On BMW 740i Series,” has gotten a lot of attention, with over 300,000 views and 30,000 likes in just one day.

People commenting on the post showed some mixed reactions. One person jokingly said, “The car’s price just went up by 1000000%,” while someone else teased, “Now it’s the world’s most valuable car.” Some users admired Dhoni’s style and the special moment, saying, “So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like wow.”, which is a viral statement nowadays.  Others were amazed at the fan’s good fortune, saying, “Bro, how can you be so lucky.” and “ The signature is more expensive than the car”. The comments also had many people using heart and fire emojis to show their feelings.

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