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MLC 2023: Texas Super Kings defeat LAKR by 69 runs in opening encounter

Texas Super Kings

Texas Super Kings is one of the most famous franchises in T20 cricket that partakes in the American professional T20 tournament called Major League Cricket.

Cricket is still in its blooming stage in the USA, but Texas Super Kings have still managed to capture quite the headlines in Major League Cricket. Established in 2023, the Dallas-based team has stood out among the six teams present in the tournament. Some might call this popularity a byproduct of their association with Chennai Super Kings; however, in their performance, it’s evident that they’re a separate and whole entity as well.

Texas Super Kings Information

Captain: Faf du Plessis

Coach: Stephen Fleming

Owner: Chennai Super Kings; Anurag Jain; Ross Perot Jr.

City: Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

Founded: 2023

League: Major League Cricket

Texas Super Kings Owner

Texas Super Kings Team: Background and Formation

The journey of the Texas Super Kings traces back to November 2020, when American Cricket Enterprises (ACE) secured a significant 15-year lease for a former Minor League Baseball stadium, leading it to transform into a dedicated cricket arena. This landmark decision set the stage for the birth of the Dallas-based Major League Cricket team, TSK. Solidifying plans in December 2022, the Grand Prairie Stadium was unveiled as the franchise’s proud home ground.

In May 2022, during a pivotal Series A and A1 fundraising round for MLC, the co-ownership of the Texas Super Kings was officially announced, featuring prominent figures like Anurag Jain and Ross Perot Jr. This announcement underscored the franchise’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Strengthening their cricketing roots, the Texas Super Kings partnered with the Chennai Super Kings before the 2023 draft, marking a strategic move to leverage experience and expertise from the IPL powerhouse.

Texas Super Kings’ Homeground: Grand Prairie Stadium

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Like M.A. Chidambaram Stadium for Chennai Super Kings, the Grand Prairie Stadium, situated in Grand Prairie, Texas, emerged as the hub for Texas Super Kings’ cricketing endeavours. Originally a Minor League Baseball venue, this stadium underwent significant upgrades. It has a seating capacity of 7,200 and is expandable to accommodate up to 15,000 spectators during marquee events. This change shows how cricket is becoming more popular day by day and how countries like the United States are, too, following the trend of cricketing excellence.

Texas Super Kings MLC 2023 Season and Performance

Despite failing to enter the final of MLC’s inaugural season in 2023, the Texas Super Kings attracted a huge number of eyeballs for their spirited play on the ground and connection with the Chennai Super Kings. 

Participating in MLC’s first-ever domestic draft and international signing, TSK management not only attained notable overseas signing of players like Ambati Rayudu, Devon Conway, and Dwayne Bravo, but they also acquired young uncapped talents like Rusty Theron, Sami Aslam, Calvin Savage, and Milind Kumar. The strategic attainment of the players showcases a mix of experience and solidifies their squad with young talents ready to make their mark on the sport.  

The 2023 season marked the Texas Super Kings’ maiden voyage into Major League Cricket, characterised by a spirited display of talent and resilience. Participating in the inaugural domestic draft, the franchise strategically acquired players like Rusty Theron, Sami Aslam, Calvin Savage, and Milind Kumar. Notable overseas signings, including Ambati Rayudu, Devon Conway, and Dwayne Bravo, further bolstered the squad.

Faf du Plessis, who shares a great bond with the Super Kings’ yellow jersey, was instrumental in their success. Under his leadership, the Texas Super Kings showcased their mettle, securing notable victories by overcoming overwhelming challenges. They had their setbacks, like Rayudu’s withdrawal and subsequent replacement by Imran Tahir, but the team displayed commendable resilience to emerge as one of the favourites to win the tournament.

Players like David Miller, Devon Conway, and Dwayne Bravo were key to their success. Their balanced mix of batting prowess and effective bowling made them a team to watch out for in the tournament. However, the five-time IPL winner, Chennai Super Kings’ sister franchise, failed to make a mark in the Playoffs, losing to archrivals and season champions MI New York.  

Current Texas Super Kings Squad 

The Texas Super Kings squad boasts a blend of international experience and emerging talent. Notably, players in MLC are attained in different ways: by directly signing international players, drafting local players, and at least one USA Under-23 player in each squad. This composition ensures that domestic players get as much opportunity as possible, eventually helping cricket grow in the USA.  

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Here’s the full Texas Super Kings Squad: 

Faf du Plessis(c)South AfricaBatterRight-hand Bat,Right arm Offbreak
Cody ChettySouth AfricaBatterLeft-hand Bat,Right arm Medium
Devon Conway†South AfricaBatterLeft-hand Bat
Lahiru Milantha†Sri LankanBatterLeft hand Bat
David MillerSouth AfricaBatterRight-hand Bat, Left arm Fast medium
Saiteja MukkamallaUnited StatesBatterRight-hand Bat, Right arm Offbreak
Sami Aslam PakistanBatterRight-hand Bat, Right arm Offbreak
Dwayne BravoTrinidadianAll-rounderRight-hand Bat, Right arm Medium
Milind KumarIndiaAll-rounderLeft-hand Bat, Slow Left arm Orthodox
Mohammad Mohsin PakistanAll-rounderLeft hand Bat, Legbreak Googly
Daniel SamsAustralianAll-rounderRight-hand Bat, Right arm Fast medium
Mitchell SantnerNew ZealandAll-rounderRight-hand Bat, Right arm Fast
Cameron StevensonAustralianAll-rounderRight-hand Bat, Right arm Fast
Zia Shahzad PakistanAll-rounderRight hand Bat,Legbreak Googly
Gerald CoetzeeSouth AfricanBowlerRight-hand Bat, Right arm Medium fast
Imran TahirPakistanBowlerRight hand Bat,Legbreak Googly
Calvin SavageSouth AfricaBowlerRight-hand Bat,Right arm Medium fast
Rusty TheronSouth AfricaBowlerLeft-hand Bat, Right arm Medium

This diverse lineup, combined with coach Stephen Fleming’s strategic leadership, positions the Texas Super Kings as a formidable contender in Major League Cricket.

With the USA co-hosting the marquee T20 World Cup 2024, a cricket league similar to the cash-rich IPL attracts talent and viewers globally. While CSK’s frenzy is hidden from none, TSK is also ready to be loved by the “Yellove” fans worldwide. With such a strong foundation, a formidable squad, and much-experienced team management, the Dallas-based franchise is ready to expand its love for cricket in a baseball-loving country America.

The Texas Super Kings’ inaugural season in Major League Cricket erupts a new era of cricketing love in a baseball-loving country, America. With a strong foundation, strategic partnerships, and a talented roster, the franchise is primed to leave an indelible mark on franchise cricket. As they continue their journey, the Texas Super Kings epitomise the spirit of cricket’s global expansion, captivating fans and enthusiasts with their electrifying performances and unwavering commitment to excellence.

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