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MS Dhoni and MC Stan team up for Fire-Boltt

MC Stan, the victorious contestant of Bigg Boss 16, and renowned rapper, recently sparked excitement among fans by sharing photos of his collaboration with cricketing legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The talented artist, who has been riding high on his musical success since winning the reality show, continues to captivate the youth across India.

MS Dhoni and MC Stan, Instagram post
MC Stan Posted a picture with MS Dhoni on his Instagram

In a series of stylish black-suited photos posted on his Instagram, MC Stan and MS Dhoni showcased their camaraderie. The first snapshot captured a handshake between the rapper and the cricket icon, followed by a second photo where they made a distinctive ‘P’ sign with their hands. Alongside these intriguing images, MC Stan dropped a hint about their collaboration, stating, “Shot something cool with Thala Legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni (with hands joined and red heart emoticon).”

The online community swiftly responded to the revelation, flooding the comments section with praise for the duo. Fans lauded MS Dhoni’s enduring cool demeanor, with one admirer noting, “Always been captain cool.” Another expressed pride, saying, “Always making us feel proud. Haq se!” The comments section was adorned with heart and fire emojis, reflecting the excitement and anticipation among MC Stan’s followers.

MC Stan, a Mumbai-based rapper, rose to fame after clinching the victory in Bigg Boss 16, hosted by Salman Khan. Since then, he has not only sustained his musical momentum but also actively engaged with fans through nationwide tours and diverse projects. The collaboration with MS Dhoni adds another layer to his multifaceted career, establishing him as a prominent youth icon.

The Collaboration between MS Dhoni and MC Stan ; DhoniXStan

The story takes place at a party, where MS Dhoni finds himself in an awkward situation when approached by MC Stan. Dhoni struggles to remember Stan’s name and songs, creating a funny and relatable moment. The tension builds until the unexpected happens.

In the midst of the situation, the Fire-Boltt wristphone becomes the hero of the story, coming to Dhoni’s rescue by providing him with the information he couldn’t recall.

The film cleverly showcases the practicality of the wristphone, highlighting why it deserves the title of #TheSmartest Smartwatch.

Arnav Kishore, the CEO and founder of Fire-Boltt, expressed pride in introducing their innovative wristphone through this entertaining ad featuring MS Dhoni and MC Stan.

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