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Ravindra Jadeja Strongly Denies Father's 'Nonsense' Allegations, Condemns Attempt to Tarnish Wife Rivaba's Image

Ravindra Jadeja Strongly Denies Father’s ‘Nonsense’ Allegations, Condemns Attempt to Tarnish Wife Rivaba’s Image

Indian all-rounder Jadeja has strongly refuted the allegations made by his father, Anirudhsinh Jadeja, in a recent interview with a Gujarati daily. Dismissing the interview as “scripted” and “nonsense,” Ravindra Jadeja condemned it as an attempt to tarnish his wife Rivaba’s image. Taking to his social media account, he labeled the claims as meaningless and untrue, emphasizing that it is a one-sided story.

Jadeja, who completed 15 years in international cricket, expressed his denial of the allegations and called the attempts to damage his wife’s image reprehensible. While acknowledging that he has a lot to say, he stated that he won’t address the issues publicly.

Father blames wife for unhealthy relationship with Ravindra Jadeja

In the interview with Divya Bhaskar, Anirudhsinh portrayed his simple life away from the fame surrounding his son. Despite residing in Jamnagar, where Ravindra owns a farmhouse, Anirudhsinh claimed to live in a 2BHK apartment, managing expenses from his wife’s ₹20,000 pension. He accused Ravindra of not maintaining cordial relations with him and his sister, expressing his disappointment and shedding light on the family dynamics.

Anirudhsinh accused Ravindra’s wife, Rivaba, of creating differences in the family, citing a dispute over the ownership of Ravindra’s restaurant right after their marriage. Allegedly, Rivaba insisted on transferring ownership to her name, leading to a major altercation. Anirudhsinh also highlighted the strained relationship between Ravindra and his sister, expressing sadness over their lack of communication.

The fit-again Ravindra Jadeja, who missed the second Test against England due to a hamstring injury, is expected to return to the India Test squad. Currently undergoing rehabilitation at the NCA in Bengaluru, Jadeja is likely to be included in the squad for the remaining three Tests against England, with the third Test scheduled to begin in Rajkot on February 15.

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