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5-time IPL Champions CSK Set to Adorn Etihad Airways on Their "Yellove" Jersey

5-time IPL Champions CSK Set to Adorn Etihad Airways as new official sponsors

Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the five-time champions of the Indian Premier League (IPL), have entered into a partnership with Etihad Airways, making the UAE-based airline the official sponsor of the team, also known as the “Yellove.”

The new collaboration was unveiled at a special event in Chennai, where the team’s captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, presented the new jersey featuring Etihad Airways’ logo.

Etihad become new sponsors of Chennai Super Kings

Arik De, Chief Revenue Officer at Etihad Airways, expressed excitement about the partnership, describing it as the beginning of an extraordinary journey. He emphasized the shared ethos and collective spirit between Etihad and the Chennai Super Kings. The airline’s logo will adorn the team’s jersey, and the collaboration aims to go beyond traditional sponsorship, celebrating the love and passion of Chennai Super Kings fans for the game of cricket.

As part of the partnership, Etihad’s presence will extend across Chennai Super Kings’ events and platforms, including the team’s jersey and various fan engagement activities. Etihad plans to enhance the fan experience through exciting initiatives, promotions, and unique activities throughout the upcoming cricket season.

Kasi Viswanathan, Chief Executive Officer of Chennai Super Kings, highlighted the partnership’s unique nature, emphasizing the commitment to excellence, shared values, and the global association benefits brought by Etihad Airways. The collaboration promises to redefine sports sponsorships by offering extraordinary experiences for fans and setting new standards in the world of sports partnerships.

This strategic collaboration underscores Etihad’s commitment to the Indian market and its desire to build meaningful connections with the country’s vibrant communities. It combines the world-class travel experiences offered by Etihad Airways with the prowess of the CSK, creating a winning combination that resonates with fans and travelers alike.

The partnership follows Etihad’s recent announcement of Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif as its brand ambassador, reinforcing the airline’s commitment to engaging diverse audiences across India. Etihad currently operates 165 weekly flights to 10 Indian cities, connecting Indian passengers to over 70 destinations worldwide, showcasing its dedication to the Indian market.

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