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Story of MS Dhoni IPL auction 2008: How much CSK Paid for him?

MS Dhoni quickly became a beloved figure in Chennai after leading the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to great success in a short time in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Since 2008, when CSK signed him for a hefty $1.5 million, he has been a key player and leader, guiding the team to a remarkable five IPL titles.

In the first-ever IPL auction in 2008, Dhoni’s purchase details, along with other star players like Shane Warne, Shoaib Akhtar, Adam Gilchrist, Muttiah Muralitharan, and Mahela Jayawardena, were noted on the auction sheet by Richard Madley.

Bidding story of MS Dhoni in IPL 2008 auction

The bidding war and the IPL auction have really become a thing in recent years. However, it was not the case back in the early days of IPL and certainly not in 2008, ahead of the inaugural edition of the mega T20 League.

In fact, the idea is so western to begin with that even the players that were bought in the first IPL had their prices mentioned in western figures of millions and hundreds of thousands. Unlike the Lakhs and Crores that we witness nowadays.

Among those figures stood tall just one name, MS Dhoni as he was bought as the most expensive player by Chennai Super Kings ahead of the auction. He was bought alongside several superstars’ names, including the likes of Shane Warne, Adam Gilchrist, Shoaib Akhtar and Mahela Jayawardena. Yet, managed to stand tall.

MS Dhoni emerged as the Costliest player in IPL 2008 auction

There is no surprise to find that MS Dhoni was the most expensive player in the inaugural edition of the IPL. However, for today’s fan, it might sometimes come as a surprise. Hence, the reason behind the same is worth mentioning.

The year was 2008, the memories of the 2007 triumph of Indian team in South Africa were still very fresh in everyone’s mind. They had defeated Pakistan in the final of T20 World Cup, by the barest of margins. Anything, left or right could have seen India lose another marquee event.

But, there was one man, who made the right decision. Played the right squad and then reaped the results of the same. It was none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He was the mastermind behind the victory, and the world was quick to recognise that. As a result, when the first season of the Indian Premier League came around, everyone wanted him onboard.

RCB, MI, and CSK went on bidding war for MS Dhoni

After 16 editions of IPL, can you imagine MS Dhoni playing for another franchise? Perhaps beside Virat Kohli in RCB? Or besides Rohit Sharma in Mumbai Indians? Well, it was almost turned into a reality in the 2008 IPL auction of MS Dhoni.

The then-captain of India in the shortest format of the game drew considerable interest from both Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Both the teams went neck to neck for the services of MS Dhoni in the early phase of the IPL 2008 auction.

As the auction progressed, the RCB team pulled short of the price that was being demanded by the auctioneer, following interest by MI and Chennai Super Kings. Talking about the missed chance of buying MS Dhoni in 2008 by RCB, Richard Madley, former IPL Auctioneer, revealed:

With this very bidding pad, RCB underbid for MS Dhoni in the 2008 Auction, quite regretfully I must say.

MS Dhoni: CSK Player’s Icon player in 2008

Things still wouldn’t have been easier for both RCB and MI to sign the star in the form of MS Dhoni in the 2008 IPL Auction. And the reason behind the same was that both the teams already had an icon player on their team.

According to the rules that were formed at that time, every team was allowed to have only one icon player and that player was to receive 15% of extra fess than the highest-paid pick by a team. The Bengaluru side had already claimed Rahul Dravid as their icon. The same constrain was faced by the Mumbai Indians side as well.

Chennai didn’t have any Icon player in their side, heading into the IPL auction, as a result they were able to buy MS Dhoni in 2008 auction.

In the 2023 season, despite playing with a bruised knee, Dhoni played a pivotal role in CSK’s triumph, defeating the Gujarat Titans in the final in Ahmedabad. Dhoni, originally from Ranchi, played all 16 matches, scoring 104 runs in 12 innings at a strike rate of 182.46. His inspiring performance included trademark sixes, showcasing his enduring skill.

MS Dhoni: Chennai Super King’s Talisman

In the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have emerged as one of the most successful franchises, largely due to the remarkable leadership of MS Dhoni. Dhoni is not just the captain; he is the driving force behind CSK’s consistent success.

Over the years, Dhoni’s influence on the team has been pivotal, evident in the numerous IPL titles CSK has won under his captaincy. What sets Dhoni apart is not just the silverware but the sacrifices he has made for the team. Dealing with a persistent knee injury, he played through pain, applying ice packs during and after games, showcasing a level of commitment that goes beyond expectations.

A standout moment highlighting Dhoni’s resilience occurred in the 2023 season. Despite his troublesome knee, he led CSK to their fifth title, a record-equalling feat. This victory wasn’t just about the trophy; it was a testament to Dhoni’s unwavering dedication to the team’s success.

More than just statistics, Dhoni’s impact on CSK is evident in his astute captaincy, calm demeanor under pressure, and the ability to nurture young talents. CSK’s fortunes align with the rhythm of Dhoni’s leadership, and his influence extends beyond the cricket field.

As fans eagerly await each IPL season, there’s a collective acknowledgment that CSK’s success is inseparable from MS Dhoni’s presence. His leadership isn’t just about victories; it’s about creating a lasting legacy that solidifies his status as the driving force behind the Chennai Super Kings.


Did a bidding war take place for MS Dhoni in IPL auction 2008?

According to the first auctioner of IPL, there indeed was a bidding war for MS Dhoni between three teams: RCB, MI, and eventually the winners Chennai Super Kings.

What is ms dhoni ipl 2008 auction price?

MS Dhoni was the most valuable player in the inaugural season of IPL. He was bought by Chennai Super Kings for a price of 9.5 Crore rupees.

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