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Sameer Rizvi CSK

Who is Sameer Rizvi? Uncapped player bought for 8.40Cr by Chennai Super Kings in Mini-auction

Sameer Rizvi showcased impressive performances during the Uttar Pradesh T20 League in August-September. Leading Kanpur Superstars, although the team didn’t qualify for the knock-outs, Sameer’s batting stole the spotlight. He scored 455 runs in nine innings, including two centuries, making him a sought-after player for various IPL teams.

Sameer couldn’t go to the IPL trials because he had to captain the Uttar Pradesh U-23 team in the Men’s U-23 State A (ODI) Trophy. Even though this happened, his coach, Tankeeb Akhtar, thinks Sameer might still get chosen in the IPL auction on December 19.

Sameer, who recently turned 20, had to skip the IPL trials due to his commitment to the U-23 state team. Despite this setback, he showcased outstanding performances in the U-23 tournament, scoring two consecutive centuries and helping Uttar Pradesh lift the title.

Tankeeb Akhtar, Sameer’s coach and uncle, is optimistic about Sameer’s chances in the IPL auction, even though he missed the trials. Tankeeb believes that Sameer, who started playing cricket at the age of 6 under his guidance, will attract buyers in the uncapped players’ category.

Sameer Rizvi’s cricket journey began back in 2009.

Sameer’s cricket journey began at Gandhi Bagh Cricket Academy in 2009, and despite some setbacks, he became an integral part of the Uttar Pradesh Ranji Trophy team. His coach reminisces about Sameer’s dedication to cricket, thanking the sponsor, Sanspareils Greenlands (SG) owner Paras Anand, for supporting Sameer since he was 10.

Sameer ranked third in leading scoreres in UP T20 League

In the UP T20 League, Sameer ranked third in leading scorers and shared the top spot for hitting the most sixes in the tournament. Joining the UP U-23 squad later, he topped the list there as well, slamming 37 sixes in seven matches and scoring 454 runs with an average of 75.67.

Despite missing the U-19 World Cup, Sameer remains focused on excelling in the field. With support from experienced players like Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rinku Singh, and Nitish Rana, he continues to grow as a cricketer.

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