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Chennai Super Kings Mascot

What is name of Chennai Super Kings Mascot in IPL?

The biggest short-format cricket league is happening right now, and it’s creating a lot of excitement among fans worldwide. Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the most loved team, has once again chosen MS Dhoni as their captain. They have a great track record, winning four titles, making them one of the most successful teams in the league.

What is the name of CSK’s IPL Mascot?

One reason why CSK stands out is their mascot, which symbolizes the team’s bravery and dominance. Although it didn’t have a name before, it’s now rumored to be called ‘Super Singham.’ Fans in the stands use this mascot to cheer for their favorite team, the yellow army. The team’s anthem, “Whistle Podu,” is also very popular and adds to the overall support for the team.

The mascot has become a recurring theme across different CSK teams in different leagues. Chennai Super Kings currently has a team in SA20 league of South Africa, and recently also joined the American adventure with their latest team Texas Super Kings.

These two teams also have the mascot of Chennai Super Kings. A lion in the form of a mascot, cheering for the super kings and pushing them towards glory in different parts of the world.

How did the mascot got it’s name?

In the recent years, Mascot have become a huge part of the sporting culture. However, for some sporting teams they are also a part of the team’s history and heritage. One such example is the mascot of the Chennai Super Kings. And the origin story of its name is indeed heart touching.

The year was 2012. After four year of the inception of the league and Chennai already being champions on two occasions, everyone realised that the potential of the mascot of CSK was undermined. It had become a huge success, especially among the young fans.

The little lion, which symbolised the youth and energy of Chennai Super Kings was a huge hit among the fans. Yet, it had remained unnamed still. That is when the management decided to leverage the power of Social Media and launched a campaign in which they invited young minds to name the mascot.

At the launch of the campaign, Rakesh Singh, the joint president of marketing said,

“A mascot is a platform to engage with our young fans. It allows a certain freedom to bring humour and sarcasm into a serious sports brand. Moreover, It can have a opinion on anything and everything and put a smile on faces. We are excited to get our young fans involved in the naming of their favorite mascot and hope that we will receive great response from them. The lucky winner, will not only have a chance to name the lion, but also receive a host of goodies from the team. 10 runners up will win post cards jointly autographed by the captain M.S.Dhoni and the mascot.”

The name chosen by the fans that stuck with the mascot was: Super Singam.

Incredible moments in the league

The league has witnessed some incredible moments, like Rinku Singh hitting five huge sixes and MS Dhoni showcasing his six-hitting skills against the rapid pace of Mark Wood. These moments have kept fans on the edge of their seats and contributed to the league’s overall excitement.

It’s important to note that CSK faces tough competition, and every match is crucial for their journey towards another title. Their unique elements, such as the mascot and anthem, create a strong sense of support and identity among fans. This collective energy can play a significant role in motivating the team to perform at its best.

As the league progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more thrilling encounters and hope to see Chennai Super Kings rise to the occasion. The team’s rich history and the charisma of MS Dhoni continue to make them a favorite among cricket enthusiasts. Whether they win or lose, the yellow army’s spirit remains unshaken, ready to cheer for Super Singham and the Chennai Super Kings.


What is the name of the CSK mascot in IPL?

The fluffy lion that makes its appearance around the Chennai Super Kings matches in the IPL is named as “Super Singam.” It was named by the fans as a apart of a campaign in 2012 and since has been a part of the history of the cricket team in IPL.

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