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List: Teams Owned by Chennai Super Kings

Why is CSK not a part of WPL?

The CSK (Chennai Super Kings) is one of the most popular cricket teams in the world. However, the CKS is not a part of the WPL (Women’s Premier League). In this article, we’ll analyse why CSK is not part of Women’s Premier League.

The WPL is a women’s franchise Twenty20 cricket league organized by the BCCI (Board of Cricket Control in India). 

In January 2023, the BCCI announced the names of five successful bidders for the WPL.

The five successful WPL bidders in BCCI’s ITT were:

  1. Adani Sportsline Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Indiawin Sports Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Royal Challengers Sports Pvt. Ltd.
  4. JSW GMR Cricket Pvt. Ltd. and
  5. Capri Global Holdings Pvt. Ltd.

Why CSK doesn’t have a WPL Team?

However, the CSK did not figure in this list. On the other hand, cricket lovers expected that CSK would be a part of the WPL in its inaugural edition, announced by the BCCI. The CSK did not bid for a franchise in the women’s tournament.

It is believed the CSK, due to some strategic reasons, neither bought the ITT (Invitation to Tender) for bidding nor showed any interest in buying any of the five franchises. The reason behind the same could be that recently CSK has expanded it’s wing in different directions.

In 2023 itself, they launched two new teams in different competitions. The first of them was Joburg Super Kings. A team that is based out of Johannesburg in South Africa and participates in the SA20 League. The second team is Texas Super Kings, which is an American team, that played in the inaugural season of Major League Cricket.

The BCCI has kept the option to buy a franchise for WPL in the future for CSK. It now remains to be seen if CSK goes for it in the days to come or not.

Will Chennai Super Kings have a WPL Team?

As the BCCI has kept the option for CSK, it can certainly buy a WPL team in the future. But the question is, as it did not buy a WPL team in the past, will it do so in the future? We don’t have a ready answer for it, and it all depends on probability.

One of the probabilities hinges on the fact that the CSK is a globally famous entity and commands a massive fan following throughout the world among men and women. 

It is in this backdrop that the women fans of CSK would be extremely happy to see them buy a WPL team in the coming days. 

One of the possible reasons why CSK did not buy a WPL franchise and extend its list of teams in the T20 league could be that it has some strategic plans. One of the plans of CSK could be to enter the domain of WPL in the future. Since the strategic plan of CSK has not been revealed yet regarding its stand on WPL, we practically don’t have any idea about its future course of action. 

Until they do so, you can check out the other teams that are owned by Chennai Super Kings in other leagues.

In Conclusion 

The hope that CSK will go for WPL in the future is high, as the BCCI has decided to keep five franchises open in the inaugural edition of WPL. This allows CSK to opt for WPL in the future, if it so wishes. CSK can buy a franchise in the future, and the chances cannot be ruled out. 

Of late, women cricketers have carved out their own place in the domain of sports, testifying to the creation of the WPL. The WPL has already registered a massive fan following, both among men and women. It is in this context that we certainly can pin hope on the CSK going for buying in the future. 

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