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Which players will CSK retain ahead of IPL 2025 Auction?

Which players will CSK retain ahead of IPL 2025 Auction?

In the nail-biting rollercoaster that was IPL 2024, Chennai’s Super Kings were all set to be on the brink of glory, only to miss out on a play-off spot by the skin of their teeth. Although they played valiantly, their tale was one of despair as RCB condemned them to defeat in direct competition. 

With the dust settling and the excitement for IPL 2025 starting to build up, the Chennai franchise is at a unique crossroads. It will have to make some key decisions that may alter its destiny.

Among the strengths and weaknesses of the previous season, some areas became too obvious and showed some weaknesses of the CSK. With the host of injuries that kept out Mustafizur Rahman, Matheesha Pathirana, and Deepak Chahar, as well as some shortfalls such as the missing Conway and the departure of Moeen Ali, the Chennai team was under a lot of pressure.

As the clock starts ticking to the mega auction, attention shifts to the most important question of player retention. Having made the speculation in this critical reconstruction period, we analyse who should CSK retain ahead of the IPL 2025 auction to create a powerful revival next season.

Players CSK can retain ahead of IPL 2025 auction

CSK’s retention list will be an intimidating one. They have had some great individual performances all over the season. From Shardul Thakur, to Mahesh Theekshana, and even Daryl Mitchell, they have plethora per individual performance that changed several games in their favour. 

Still, they will have to make a tough choice to retain just four players ahead of IPL 2025. Hence, let’s take a look at the four players CSK can retain ahead of the mega auction of IPL.

Ruturaj Gaikwad- Captain 

Ruturaj Gaikwad CSK: Player Profile, Background and Stats

Ruturaj Gaikwad, our skipper, shines as a paragon of resilience and quality in Chennai Super Kings’ difficult journey in IPL 2024. Including an awe-inspiring performance that landed him in second place in the prestigious Orange Cap race, Gaikwad has been extremely impressive with the willow. 

Hence, he must be the first player that CSK retains ahead of the mega auction 2024. In Gaikwad’s successful IPL career, having played 66 matches, he has written his name in the books of cricketing history by scoring an awesome 2380 runs at a lofty average of 42. His uniformity is highlighted by 18 half centuries and two sublime hundreds in his name.

However, the recently concluded season of IPL saw Gaikwad in much livelier form. He led CSK’s batting line-up with elegance and aplomb, scoring a mammoth total of 583 runs in just 14 matches, including four half-centuries and a sizzling century, which made his play crucial. 

With a strike rate of an impressive 141, he played the role of an anchor of the innings, along with offering the necessary force to the CSK’s chase for the title. His leadership and batting potency make him an irreplaceable asset, justifying his retention before the mega auction.

Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja: The Cricket Thalapathy

Ravindra Jadeja is the pulse of Chennai Super Kings; he represents the spirit of both consistency and versatility in cricket. His multifaceted brilliance transcends the ordinary through his consistent selection in the CSK line-up, making him a no-brainer addition to the squad. In IPL 2024, his contribution went beyond the conventional metrics that make him a true match-winner.

Even though Jadeja’s supreme batting prowess came to the fore, his utility with the ball and on the field was unmatched. Having won two Man of the Match awards, Jadeja also showed his mettle with the bat, scoring 267 in 14 matches at a decent strike rate of 142. In addition, his qualities with the bat, capturing 8 vital wickets at an economy rate of less than 8, highlighted his all-around game impact.

The lynchpin of CSK’s campaign, Jadeja’s aura, reinforces unity and strong will on the side, which would be an asset to be retained in the mega auction.

Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube T20 World Cup
Shivam Dube T20 World Cup

The passage of Shivam Dube in IPL 2024 symbolises the peaks and troughs with which professional cricket is associated. The drop in form in the latter part of the season, however, does not diminish the Chennai Super Kings’ credo of developing talent and thus puts Dube in the running to be retained for the mega auction.

In the early stages of IPL 2024, Dube was a revelation as a dynamic batsman, scoring 396 runs in 14 matches at a staggering strike rate 162. 3. His capacity to speed up the innings and settle the middle order influenced CSK’s triumph. Further, his run-scoring success in the last three seasons, chopping 1103 runs with eight half-centuries in 41 games, demonstrates his franchise longevity worth.

Admitting the trials he was facing in the later part of the season, the commitment of CSK to develop talent makes Dube a treasure in their dream to win the IPL.

Matheesha Pathirana (Overseas) 

Matheesha Pathirana

Matheesha Pathirana, who has been aptly positioned as the latest Malinga of the Chennai Super Kings, comes to the fore to strengthen the franchise’s bowling. Though injuries had dogged his performances during IPL 2024, his influence on CSK’s fortunes is vital. Pathirana’s excellent performance was one of the main reasons for CSK’s victorious run in IPL 2023; thus, he was well on his way to becoming one of the key components of the team.

During his IPL journey, Pathirana has been an impressive wicket-taking bowler, earning 34 wickets in 20 matches. He did not play in many IPL 2024 matches due to injury problems, yet he proved his worth by taking 13 wickets in just six matches, showing that he could make a difference when healthy. In the previous season, Pathirana’s excellent 19 wickets in 12 matches performance added to his image as a match winner.

With CSK’s roadmap already set for IPL 2025, Pathirana is undeniably an essential ingredient on the side, adding to CSK’s bowling department and the team’s quest for success.

Strategy for CSK ahead of the 2025 IPL mega auction

Please note that we have utilised the earlier mega auction template because the new template has not been confirmed yet, and we have taken MSD to have retired. In case the new pattern holds, Devon Conway would be the fifth player. With the upcoming mega auction, the Chennai Super Kings will come to a crossroads in their history, which has been characterised by changes and strategic realignments. 

The franchise also says goodbye to an era of unmatched captain and undaunted determination with the departure of stalwart MS Dhoni. Having the mantle of leadership shifts, CSK is at a crossroads, with the need to redefine its identity and plot a road map for the future. This change makes the choice of retention candidates more important, with Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ravindra Jadeja, Shivam Dube, and Matheesha Pathirana likely to play key roles in the team’s revival. The franchise will make strategic decisions at the beginning of a new chapter that will not only define its fate in the cricket field but also represent its dedication to excellence and continuous success in IPL greatness.

CSK fans fear not! Whistle Podu and all jazz! With Ruturaj Gaikwad, Ravindra Jadeja, Shivam Dube, and a bit of Pathirana thrown into the mix, there is a feeling of hope and resilience, and the scene is now set for a spirited comeback. Let our unity and determination manifest the essence of the undying spirit of Chennai Super Kings, and we will support our team with complete faith and eager cheers.

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