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Ind vs Eng, 3rd Test: Ravindra Jadeja slams 4th Test century on home ground Rajkot

Watch: James Anderson mimics Ravindra Jadeja’s sword century celebration one ball after Sarfaraz Khan run out

In the third Test match between India and England at Rajkot, India chose to bat first but faced a tough start, losing three wickets with only 33 runs on the board. The situation improved when Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja formed a strong partnership of 204 runs for the fourth wicket. Rohit scored 131 runs before getting out.

Then, a new player, Sarfaraz Khan, who was making his debut, played aggressively, scoring 62 runs in just 66 balls. He and Jadeja added 77 runs together. However, a miscommunication between Jadeja and Sarfaraz led to Sarfaraz being run out, falling short of the crease. This incident upset Rohit Sharma, who expressed his frustration by throwing his cap in the dressing room. Later, Jadeja apologized to Sarfaraz on social media.

James Anderson mimic Ravindra Jadeja’s sword celebration

Despite the setback, Jadeja continued to play well and reached his century, celebrating with his signature sword gestures. Interestingly, England’s James Anderson, who had a history with Jadeja dates back to the 2014 series, mimicked Jadeja’s celebration. In that series, there were accusations against Anderson for allegedly abusing and pushing Jadeja, which could have led to a Level 2 offense. In return, the England camp accused Jadeja of a similar offense. However, the issue didn’t escalate, and both players continued with the series.

In the present match, Jadeja’s good form continued, and he managed to reach his century despite the earlier run-out incident. The playful mimicking by Anderson added a touch of humor to the situation. The history between the two players didn’t seem to affect their performance on the field this time.

So, basically, despite the initial struggles, India showed resilience in their batting performance, with notable contributions from Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja, and the debutant Sarfaraz Khan. The match promises more excitement as it progresses.

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